Women entrepreneurs from Chile visit San Francisco thru August 3, 2012 – travel or hospitality industry people are welcome to contact cata@sustainabletripper.org to meet for coffee while her team is in town.

By Catalina Huidobro (Co-Founder & CEO, Sustainable Tripper)

There are several traditional ways to travel, but a new trend of tourism is emerging. A new breed of globetrotters are travelers who want to not only discover a destination, they want to experience it like the locals, getting to know the culture, traditions and its people.

After several years working for the tourism industry, I noticed that this type of tourism lacks international promotion. While there are companies that offer eco-conscious travelers the opportunity to enjoy an intimate local experience, cultural and technological barriers stand in the way of global dissemination of this service.

Our startup looks to overcome those barriers such language gaps, limited technological access and budgetary constraints, in order to promote sustainable tourism by international and independent travelers. Sustainable Tripper is the bridge that connects travelers who are looking for these kinds of experiences with local providers who offer these services.

From Chile To San Francisco – Only For A Month

We are a Chilean startup company founded by three women in January of this year. I used to work for the National Tourism Board of Chile promoting the country in Europe. Cristina Huidobro has been working in local development areas for several years. Francisca Severino is a designer with a passion for travel and who works in social innovation.

We will be in San Francisco until August 3, 2012 to meet people and make new contacts in order to discuss our vision and to get a better understanding of our prospective clients in the US.

Our goal is to be a point of reference for sustainable tourism in Latin America, connecting ecologically minded travelers and local businesses in order to create opportunities for local economic development, environmental preservation and promotion of traditions and culture.

We would love to meet people interested in travel or working in the travel industry while we are in town. We can meet over coffee to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this business. If you are interested in meeting with us, you can reach us at cata@sustainabletripper.org.

We look forward to great networking during our stay in order to make Sustainable Tripper a success.

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About the guest blogger: Catalina Huidobro is Co-Founder and CEO of Sustainable Tripper. She is passionate about travel and has experience in Public Relations. She has traveled around the world in several opportunities in order to know how the industry works. As an entrepreneur, she was part of Caucasus Project, a documentary film and also participated in the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program of Georgetown University for young Latin American leaders and professionals. Follow her on Twitter at @catahuidobro.