We’ve taken Heather Hiles’ best advice from City Meetup Oakland and broke it down into a video and Soundcloud  clips -perfect for listening to at work.  

During our City Meetup launch in Oakland last week, Heather Hiles (founder & CEO of Pathbrite) inspired attendees through personal stories about startup success. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hiles has had 25 years of experience in helping people realize their academic and professional goals.

She has been COO of Break-the-Cycle, a tutorial program for K-3rd graders, program director of an after school job training program, CEO of SFWorks, co-founder of EARN, founder of The Hiles Group and now Pathbrite. Hiles has a bachelors degree in development studies from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Yale University. We loved her talk from the Oakland City Meetup launch and wanted to share it with our readers!

Oakland City Meetup Q&A with Heather Hiles

After her talk, we opened the floor to Q&A. Below are some questions from the audience and her answers. Play the Soundcloud file to listen to some quick and awesome inspiration from Heather at work!