Congrats to Ashley Wilson, Joshua Hines and  Max Mathieu, the team behind RenterResume, the latest finalist to be announced for our upcoming PITCH Competition.

By Dana Rosenberg (PITCH Coordinator, Women 2.0)

Our online judges have been busy reviewing all of the PITCH applications, with our conference now just weeks away. PITCH Finalists will be competing on stage for prize packages that would make any entrepreneur swoon!

Today we are excited to announce our sixth PITCH Finalist RenterResume, which is the for landlords and renters. We’ve all heard horror stories about the rental experience, from search to lease, and this team is out to fix it. Watch them pitch live and get feedback from top-shelf investors!

Company Description

renterresume-logo-600RenterResume is the for landlords and renters. In the same way that revolutionized dating through personalization and technology, RenterResume is reshaping apartment hunting by leveraging known personal information of renters and landlords. While other companies simply narrow the apartment search for renters, we match them with ideal homes based on the information needed to sign a lease: their income, credit, criminal and eviction histories.

The rental housing market today is highly competitive, yet disorganized which makes it a prime target for disruption. Since 1-in-3 Americans rent, there should be a more straightforward way for these ~110M people to find housing. The current process of finding a place to rent is very segmented: searching for a home, contacting each prospective landlord, applying and then waiting for an answer. Our vision is to transform this process by making it more personal, data-driven, and trustworthy.

Founder Bios

Ashley Wilson RRAshley Wilson is CMO and co-founder. As a licensed realtor, Ashley comes from a sales team with $65M in sales during the first two years. This experience has given her the skills necessary to navigate the ins and outs of real estate, as well as a deep understanding of the rental market. Her passion for real estate and entrepreneurial spirit gives our team a unique advantage.

Joshua Hines RRJoshua Hines is CEO and co-founder. After a couple of frustrating experiences trying to find his next home, Josh set out to make this process more efficient by leveraging technology. Before RenterResume, Josh graduated from University of Maryland, School of Medicine, raised $2+ million for another startup, and negotiated partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies.

Max Mathieu RRMax Mathieu is CTO and co-founder. He wrote his first line of code more than 20 years ago. After obtaining his M.S., his passion and skills for web development enabled him to become the CTO of a $250M company in just a few years. During his tenure with this company, he helped grow traffic to over 45M monthly unique visitors.

Want to see all the finalists pitch live on stage? Join us at the conference!

Dana Rosenberg (@DanaRosenbergis Director of Business Development at Rock Health. Prior to Rock Health, Dana led user acquisition, engagement, marketing and PR at HealthTap and was a consultant at Easton Associates, a healthcare strategy consulting firm.

Image credit: mollyali via Flickr