In many ways, I parallel MoxTree to having another child.
By Victoria Oldridge (Founder, MoxTree)

My name is Victoria. I am wife to one, mom to a three year old and one year old by day and entrepreneur by night and anywhere in between! In a previous life, I was in consulting/sales for the medical device industry. When my son was young, I left the industry but my business wheels kept turning. The more I immersed myself in taking note of the ways in which moms were connecting, the more I was struck by the fact that this could be happening in a much more efficient way.

Having a child is a great starting point in forming mom-connections but there’s a lot more to add to our interests and goals list… much of the equation was missing. Last October, I had an epiphany: coupling today’s wave of social media and interests of the entire woman/mom led to the inception of MoxTree.

From there, the ride has been a roller coaster on full-throttle and a very fruitful journey.

In many ways, I parallel MoxTree to having another child. It becomes an innate part of you, something that you nurture carefully, is on your mind constantly, and requires a lot of devotion and sacrifice. It’s also something that yields immense joy, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and tests your endurance.

One thing that’s undeniable is the fact that you can’t give your all to a project like this unless your heart is absolutely in it. If you’re not passionate to your core about the vision of your company, the all-nighters and stresses won’t be as easy and the triumphs won’t be as sweet.

The biggest challenge so far has been figuring out the dance of communication between us and the site-developers; they speak one language, I speak another and one isn’t a better one than the other, just different. Communication, like anything, needs to be really succinct. I learned half way through the initial development phase that each time something was documented to the developers, a visual/graphic also accompanied every ounce of text. This is an element I’m much more comfortable with now and I’ve learned a lot but it’s still a work in progress.

We launched on July 18, 2012 so we’re only two weeks young! Most members are currently here in Seattle and we’re growing and branching out to new areas. More features will be making their way onto the site soon! I have been really impressed and overwhelmed by the support of other women and inspired by the enthusiasm of moms already beginning to form some new relationships through the site. This is today’s place for moms to connect!

MoxTree is an innovative tool and solution – a social networking platform that connects moms based on commonalities (location, age-range, stage of motherhood, and interests ranging from fitness to professional networking, single moms, childcare/carpool sharing, girls night out and much more); it’s convenient and fits in perfectly with today’s social networking savvy mom!

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About the guest blogger: Victoria Oldridge is Founder of MoxTree. Victoria is a mom by day and an entrepreneur by night. A Bay Area transplant, she moved to Seattle a few years ago where she resides with her husband, three year old son and one year old daughter. Prior to MoxTree, she was a consultant in the medical device arena. Follow her on Twitter at @moxtree.