Our second PITCH finalist is Sense.ly, a virtual assistant for chronic illness. Congrats to co-founder Dr. Ivana Schnur!  

By Dana Rosenberg (PITCH Coordinator, Women 2.0)

Our online judges have been busy reviewing all of the PITCH applications, with our conference now just weeks away. PITCH Finalists will be competing on stage for prize packages that would make any entrepreneur swoon!

Today we are excited to announce our second PITCH Finalist Sense.ly, a personalized, “Siri-like” virtual assistant for chronic illness. Much like her company, Ivana Stelgman has a background that melds software and healthcare, with a degree from Harvard Medical School and previous experience as a software entrepreneur.

We can’t wait to hear more about the amazing work Sense.ly is doing to improve care for chronic illness patients. Watch them pitch live and get feedback from top-shelf investors!


Sensely_gustSense.ly was recently featured by Business Insider as “one of the 6 Silicon Valley Startups Launched in the last 6 months that could be huge” and was the first place winner at the Novartis mHealth Hackathon. The founders include Tellme’s former Lead Product Manager (a former MSFT/ORCL software engineer) and an MD / PhD who are bringing artificial intelligence-driven avatars to health care.

Sense.ly is a personalized, “Siri-like” virtual assistant for chronic illness. Founded by a telecom engineering executive and a medical doctor/ clinical psychologist, Sense.ly unleashes continuous interaction between doctors and patients that makes healthcare more friendly and productive. Sense.ly uses the latest mobile and natural user interface technologies to help physicians better manage their chronically ill patients, reducing costly readmissions and improving outcomes.

At the core of the system is a virtual assistant that follows up with patients after a hospital discharge to accelerate recovery and comply with clinical protocols. Unlike other solutions, Sense.ly built an ecosystem of clinical experts that to contribute clinically validated assessments to Sense.ly’s intelligence engine.

Currently, Sense.ly is deployed and generating revenue at several healthcare institutions and our pipeline is filled with new customers. This year Sense.ly is targeting to actively improve health for over 5,000 patients. 56% of current patients are showing increased compliance and reduced readmission risk. Clinicians are showing reduction in their time load by over 12%. Our total direct addressable market is $5.4 billion.

Sense.ly is changing the face of chronic illness, the most expensive category in the US healthcare system, by unlocking novel healthcare management practices without administrative burden.


IMG_1558Ivana Schnur, MD/PhD is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Sense.ly. Passionate about the therapeutic uses of video and digital media in the field of palliative care, Ivana manages all clinical aspects of Sense.ly’s products, services and operations, including the company’s ongoing partner trials. Prior to co-founding Sense.ly, Ivana also helped to found InWorld Solutions, the pioneering developer of an avatar-based virtual reality platform that assists clinical psychologists in behavioral modifications and other clinical modalities. Ivana began her career in the field of clinical pharmacology and pain management, researching the effects of pain on quality of life at the Harvard Medical School and Georgetown University.

Want to see Sense.ly pitch live on stage? Conference tickets are still available.

Dana Rosenberg (@DanaRosenbergis Director of Business Development at Rock Health. Prior to Rock Health, Dana led user acquisition, engagement, marketing and PR at HealthTap and was a consultant at Easton Associates, a healthcare strategy consulting firm.