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By Lauren Kim (Events Coordinator, Women 2.0)

This week, Aye Moah, co-founder & chief of product at Baydin, the company that brought us life-saving email productivity tools like Boomerang, sits down to tell us more about herself. Read on to learn why she thinks all founders should master the art of persuasion, what she’d ask her role model, Jeff Bezos, and how she dreams of commuting from Portland to San Francisco via the Hyperloop. To hear what lessons Moah would like to impart on new founders, register for our sixth live broadcast of Lightning Lessons.

What is the one thing you wish you knew at the start of your entrepreneurial journey?

I wish I knew at the start that nobody has all the answers and that I can trust myself to start doing things even if I don’t have all the answers.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to switch between working on high level strategies and actually implementing them. What I often find in many jobs that I had (and from others’ experiences) is that you don’t often get to do both.

You are either some executive who is making strategy decisions and setting priorities for your company or department. You pass it down to some people and trust that they will implement it the way you envision.

Or the other side which is more familiar to people our age is being told to execute on ideas and not having enough insight into the strategies or responsibility to actually set the priorities.

Our startup is at a stage where I am involved at both levels. I don’t think I will get this anywhere else.

What is your favorite or most inspiring book that you would recommend to founders (and why)?

“Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, by [Robert B.] Cialdini. As a founder, most of your job is to persuade others to believe in your mission; from convincing potential investors to commit, new employees to join your company, customers to start using and pay for your product. It will also make you much better at marketing.

Where is the one place you go to relax and get away from the pressures of startup life?

There is no one place I go to relax, but I go running at Shoreline Park pretty often. There are many hiking trails in the Bay Area and any trail that gets me a view of open blue sky is my usual choice to find peace.

Who is your greatest role model and what would you ask them if you could meet her or him for coffee?

My greatest role model is Jeff Bezos. I’d probably ask him why Amazon hasn’t made a waterproof Kindle.

What do you envision the future will look like in the year 2020?

In year 2020, I’d take the Hyperloop from Portland (where I’d be living in the summer) to SF, get some work done at Baydin, which would be public. I’m not very good at writing Sci-Fi. 🙂

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Watch the video above to see Moah address the following Lessons Learned:

  1. Identify your biggest problem.

  2. Focus on the process.

  3. Stay sane and healthy while founding a startup.

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Aye Moah, Co-Founder & Chief of Product, Baydin


Aye Moah (@ayemoah) is the co-founder/chief of product at Baydin, a profitable email productivity company. Baydin makes software that combines AI and behavioral science to ease the burden on overloaded emailers. The company is best known for its wildly popular Boomerang email scheduling product. Moah wears many hats at Baydin including UX designer, product manager, developer and resident gardener. Moah grew up in Burma and has a BS in Computer Science from MIT.

What are you most excited to learn from Moah?

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