By Melissa Withers (Communications & Outreach, Betaspring)
Betaspring is a Providence, RI-based startup accelerator. We are now accepting applications for our spring 2012 program. Deadline to apply is November 22, 2011 with the 12-week program kicking off in Providence on February 6, 2012. Apply for your spot here.

Betaspring, a charter member of the TechStars affiliate network, provides mentorship, seed funding, office space, and immersion into an intense startup community of focused entrepreneurs. Betaspring, in three sessions, has launched 28 ventures, many of which have raised significant follow-on investment.
The Betaspring team is intensely focused on recruiting strong women-led teams and CEOs into the program. The emergence of women entrepreneurs is a major contributor to U.S. economic activity. Accelerating the development and launch of women-led ventures is a huge, and largely untapped, opportunity for the U.S. to create significant economic growth.

As a member of the country’s largest network of accelerators, Betaspring recognizes the importance of reaching more women-led teams and CEOs and increasing the percentage of women-led ventures successfully launched through accelerator programs each year.

Betaspring accelerates ventures in the web/mobile, physical technology and gaming arenas. Earlier this year, Betaspring developed a dedicated track for physical technology companies. Accelerating physical technology companies is a natural fit for Betaspring, with Providence providing a strong community of makers, DIY technologists, and direct access to organizations like the Rhode Island School of Design, the Steelyard, AS220 and the new AS220 FabLab.

Early registrants are eligible to attend a private Betaspring Experience event with serial entrepreneur, Betaspring mentor, and all-around amazing guy Bill Warner on December 5.

Along with Betaspring’ community manager Natalie Hogan, I am leading Betaspring’s effort to attract and recruit more women-led teams into our upcoming sessions. We have also just added Susan Keller to the Betaspring mentor network. In addition to serving as a node on our mentorship network, Susan will contribute to Betaspring’s ongoing effort to recruit and launch more successful women-led ventures. Susan was named by the US Department of the Treasury and the Startup America Partnership to sit on a working group dedicated to women entrepreneurship. She is the co-founder of the Women’s Association of Venture & Equity, a national organization for women in venture capital and private equity.

For more info and to register, click here.

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About the guest blogger: Melissa Withers works in Communications and Outreach at Betaspring. Prior, Melissa was Communications Director for Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. She served as Executive Director of the Business Innovation Factory, a nationally-recognized organization focused on the design and testing of new business models in areas of high social value. Follow her on Twitter at @mizwithers.