Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) interviews female founders about success stories, inspirations and motivations as women entrepreneurs.

By Kelly Hoey (Co-Founder & Managing Director, WIM)

Meet Liza Kindred, Founder of Third Wave Fashion. Liza is a serial entrepreneur who has been fully submerged in both the fashion and the tech worlds.

Third Wave Fashion is a company that combines both passions by helping fashion tech startups and the brands and investors who want to connect with them.

Kelly Hoey: “What was a defining moment in your career?”

Liza Kindred: “When my first business failed. Opening a fashion forward clothing boutique in the midwest was at once the best and worst idea ever. I call it my ‘baby business’; I cut my teeth on all of the lessons that I learned from that experience. I’m also not nearly as scared of failure as most people; I’ve held the crushing weight of it and bounced back to be happier than ever. I’m smarter, more experienced, and less afraid as a result of it.”

Kelly Hoey: “Which fashion tech startups should we be sitting up and taking notice of?”

Liza Kindred: “I love our clients, and if we’re working with someone, it’s because we believe in them. Outside of our clients, I love Poshmark, the shopping party app with a huge community. They have a whip-smart founding team, and they really love their customers. I’m excited about Vente Privee, the fantastic French flash sale company that launched here in the US a year ago; they really do things the right way from both an editorial and business perspective. I’m currently also very excited about the augmented reality app, Layar, and several other of the resale sites, including MaterialWrld, Wiseling and Threadflip.”

Kelly Hoey: “Any words of advice for entrepreneurs?”

Liza Kindred: “First of all: know what’s out there! And then, know where you sit in comparison. I believe that there are several key building blocks towards a good business model: a focus on community, a strong editorial voice, smart use of technology and easy user experience being among them. People want to write about and invest in good, solid businesses. Make sure that you have a unique idea and a solid foundation first — and the rest will be much easier.”

This was originally posted at Women Innovate Mobile.

About the guest blogger: Kelly Hoey is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Women Innovate Mobile, the first accelerator program for women founded (or co-founded) startups focused on mobile technology or mobile applications. She sits on the Women’s Advisory Board for mobile and social gaming company, Stone Creek Entertainment and the startup advisory boards of Lion’esque Style and The Levo League. She is a business strategic and connector. Follow her on Twitter at @jkhoey.