Creating more role models for the world has always been an ambition.
By Shoshi Roberts (Co-Organizer, Ladies Who Code)

It began as a whisper over lunch meetings, conferences, and social gatherings. “How many other women coders do you work with?” we would ask. “Well, it’s just me…” we heard time and time again. It wasn’t unanimous, but it sure was prevalent.

We decided that an archipelago of desks across the city wasn’t enough, thus Ladies Who Code was born.

There are many ways to change the ratio in tech, our plan was to help build a lively community worth joining where experienced developers could meet like-minded women. Initially, the goal was just to prove to each other that women developers exist and are a force to be reckoned with.

We started a meetup group in NYC and within no time we were having lightning talks, hacking together, sharing stories, and working on projects to support fellow coders and soon-to-be coders. Next, the meetup opened a London chapter where a different location, but very similar climate fostered another group of women eager to work together and share their passions. One member put it best, “It’s like a fireside chat for coders.”

Creating more role models for the world has always been an ambition. We believe that the more women are public about their knowledge and accomplishments, the larger our footprint on the tech world will be.

As such, we are holding one-day, one-track conference on October 20, 2012 at Bloomberg in NYC featuring six outstanding keynotes including: Molly Holzschlag (Open Web Evangelist), Vanessa Hurst (Developers for Good), Emma Persky (Google), and Tracy Pesin ( as well as a session of lightning talks from emerging tech talent.

To get more information and purchase tickets, click here. We hope to see you there!

Women 2.0 readers: How are you changing the ratio? Let us know!

About the guest blogger: Shoshi Roberts is the co-organizer of Ladies Who Code, a meetup for female developers. She is best known as the geeky lady with pink hair. Shoshi writes code, builds mobile web apps, adores her job as a developer at Mint Digital. Her mission is to make the Internet a friendlier place to be. Follow her on Twitter at @shoshizilla.