Connect with some of the most influential people in mobile and NFC at one of the upcoming TAPPED NFC Hackathons:

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a technology that lets devices and things talk to each other. All you need to do to make something happen is to have two NFC devices touch, or tap. NFC is available in a rapidly increasing number of phones and offers uses ranging from payments and transactions to games and entertainment.

Hack on this exciting new wireless communication technology like Bluetooth or WiFi. The key difference is that NFC works only at very short ranges – a few centimeters.

Drive innovation of novel NFC mobile app prototypes built on solid business plans.

Apps will need to focus on:

  • Social – Enhance, alter, and establish social interactions.
  • Gaming – Enrich games and possibly take them beyond the digital world and into the physical realm.
  • Internet of things – Build bridges between the Android device and real-world objects.

Leverage tools ranging from NFC tags, NFC-enabled appliances, or dedicated NFC-enabled devices built on Arduino and the Raspberry Pi minimal computing platforms.

Your app will need to run on Android, the leading smartphone platform for NFC development. If you don’t have an NFC-enabled Android device, we will lend you one or two for the duration of the event.

Visual designers will be on hand to help with app user experience and graphics. You will also get a presentation template so you don’t need to worry about making your presentation to the judges look cool (you can still roll your own).

What you get:

  • NFC gear – tags, wristbands, stickers, cards (courtesy of Cellotape)
  • GitHub Bronze business account – One month free (courtesy of GitHub)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus loaner phones – Running Android 4.x.
  • Food, drink

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