We want to help women get hired into technology careers.
By Lorraine Sawicki (Co-Founder, LadyCoders)

Two big things happened to me over this past summer. I met two geeky, fun, and talented women and together we formed LadyCoders.

I then gave birth to my second child (a boy) in July. Now I’m working full time on both of these at the same time, and I love how both are shaping up! Along with my partners Liz Dahlstrom and Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, we promoted our idea for a LadyCoders seminar through Kickstarter and got fully funded. It was an extremely beneficial learning experience, and we got support from people all around the world. We saw the need for our idea, and got others to believe in us.

Now we are ready for the next step, running the seminar and spreading the word on how to become and stay competitive in the tech industry as a woman.

On October 6-7, 2012, we will be running a unique two-day training seminar. LadyCoders: Get Hired, Get Ahead Seattle 2012 is not just a gathering of top developers, executive recruiters, and image consultants, it’s also a rehearsal for multi-day round-robin technical interviews.

We will be training you in every aspect of your image, presentation, and professional skills, and providing you with in-person individual mock interviews. These two days are packed; you will need to actually see the schedule to believe it. You can follow the registration link and look in the sidebar on any page at LadyCoders to see all the sessions.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you or someone you now would benefit from the LadyCoders seminar:

#1 – You want to get your tech career off to a fantastic start.

There is a high demand for technical ladies with knowledge about everything from social networking to software development, web design to system administration. But having the the right skills doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get an offer letter or competitive salary. We’ll share what we’ve learned after each of us have interviewed and worked over 10 years at various companies across the country.

#2 – A break in your work experience doesn’t mean game over.

Life doesn’t always follow a linear path. Sometimes people take time off from their career to travel, raise a family, help a sick loved one, or simply take time off to gain perspective on what they want. We’ll work on showing techniques and ideas to fill in resume gaps and project confidence in your life choices.

#3 – There is no strict template to success.

No matter where you work, there are core principles that you can apply to your skills and work experience. Whether your next desired step is working at a well-known software giant, startup, or launching your own business, our seminar will help set you up for success!

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About the guest blogger: Lorraine Sawicki is a Co-Founder of LadyCoders, a Seattle-based company founded to help women get into a career in technology and stay ahead. A senior software developer with a knack for design and graphics, she also loves to travel, bake cookies and garden. You can find examples of her projects via Calyxia Design. Follow her on Twitter at @lorenka.