To receive your 10% Women 2.0 member discount for the “Build A Dynamic Website in 2 Days” Blazing Cloud workshop, email before signing up and include in the email the Women 2.0 discount code “women2” and your contact information.

Blazing Cloud is offering a “Build A Dynamic Website in 2 Days” workshop on January 22, 2011 in San Francisco is designed to give students experience creating a website using Radiant CMS. Radiant allows individuals or teams to easily manage a website’s content via an elegant user interface. Radiant is flexible and will allow students to quickly build personal websites as well as work for clients.

The workshop is taught by Liah Hansen and Lorien Henry-Wilkins. Liah is an experienced Ruby on Rails engineer and also teaches Ruby at Blazing Cloud. Lorien is an expert web and mobile developer and also teaches Javascript at Blazing Cloud.

Students signing up for the workshop should be familiar with editing HTML, comfortable using web applications and excited to learn a technology that will require installation steps using the command line.

In two days you will:

  • Install Radiant CMS on your laptop and deploy on a free hosted service, Heroku
  • Customize the CMS with standard extensions such as Infinite Carousel and WymEditor
  • Apply custom styling (sample CSS will be provided)

You must bring your own laptop — Windows XP or later, Mac Leopard 10.5 or later or Linux.

The two-day workshop is $345 with early bird registration and $495 thereafter. Save 10% on tuition by emailing before signing up and including in the email the Women 2.0 discount code “women2” and your contact information.