Living the dream and sharing the reality – get unfiltered advice from women in charge.

By Rudina Seseri (Partner, Fairhaven Capital)

I am looking forward to a substantive panel and to a healthy discussion, which addresses not only the issue of how women in the tech ecosystem approach their careers, but also how the evolution of digital media has created new opportunities for the advancement of women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The panel is titled “Women Unfiltered” and provides unfiltered advice from women in charge – exploring topics ranging from career advice to personal stories of challenge and achievement from these three female executives (a Fortune 500 Vice President, a Partner in a Venture Capital firm, and an Agency President) who individually represent a broad range of career paths.

In this panel submission, we team up to reveal their celebrated and oftentimes competing roles as female executives, mothers, wives, and role models for a new generation of women in the workforce. We played a spoof on the HBO Girls’ Show, submitting a poster-like shot (see above) and we were included in AdAge’s guide to the Top 21 Panels at SXSW.

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Founder and President of ICED Media Leslie Hall said, “I have enjoyed speaking about technology and innovation over the past decade, but increasingly, I’m finding myself being asked to speak on a much more personal topic: there are a dearth of female entrepreneurs, especially those of us that are moms, serving as role models to a new generation of women entering the workforce. There’s an appetite for female executives, like participants in this panel, to lend advice beyond our industry-wide thought leadership, and to speak candidly about balancing our roles as career women.”

L’Oreal Vice President Rachel Weiss added, “As women, we should mentor, support and celebrate each-other across all levels of our careers. I am looking forward to discussing the challenges we face, wether we are mothers or single women in highly demanding career paths, and how the emergence of digital media and tech innovation is helping us can overcome them.”

“A panel with a mix of such accomplished women from a variety of industries in the tech ecosystem is a rarity. Each will not only serve to inspire woman at various stages in their careers, but also offer candid insight into how to balance demanding careers with equally demanding personal obligations. Understanding how each navigated their achievements is invaluable information that others can apply to their own lives,” says moderator Meghan Asha.

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About the guest blogger: Rudina Seseri is a Partner at Fairhaven Capital, which she joined at its inception in 2007. She has invested in and served on the boards of CrowdTwist and FashionPlaytes. Previously, Rudina was a Senior Manager in the Corporate Development Group at Microsoft, responsible for sourcing, structuring, and negotiating Microsoft’s acquisitions and strategic investments. Prior to Microsoft, she worked as an investment banker. Follow her on Twitter at @rudina11.