Two other recent acquisitions by companies led by couples: Kush sold to Smule, and Yell bought Moonfruit.
By Liz Gannes (Writer, AllThingsD)

Romantically involved tech company co-founders are having a good year.

In the past four months of big-ticket tech exits, Wildfire, co-founded and led by the engaged couple Victoria Ransom (CEO) and Alain Chuard (head of product management), was bought by Google for at least $250 million; Michael (CEO) and Kass (COO) Lazerow’s Buddy Media sold to Salesforce for $745 million-plus; and LinkedIn purchased married couple Rashmi Sinha (CEO) and Jon Boutelle (CTO)’s SlideShare for $119 million.

Asked about the trio of hits, Michael Lazerow told me: “I guess this proves that successful companies are built by teams who love and respect each other, versus teams who hate each other. If you can’t work with people you love, who do you work with, people you hate? Hopefully, this puts an end to any talk that backing couples is risky.”

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Photo credit: Robert Scoble.