Entrepreneur Susan Wilson is raising funds for Life-Case on Indiegogo – one week left to fund her!
By Amy-Willard Cross (Editor, Vitamin W)

You can’t really walk around with just a phone and a $20 bill. But most phone cases don’t let you stash more than that.

Susan Wilson realized she didn’t want to carry around a purse All-The-Time – especially after she left a rest-stop with her phone but without her wallet with hundreds of dollars in it. Wilson says, “I’m more connected to my phone than my wallet.”

So she designed the Life-Case which can hold credits cards, keys, business cards and condoms. Bigger than a wallet, smaller than a purse, it can even hold tampons. Life-Case is brand agnostic – unlike so many other tech products, it recognizes Android and plans to make models for various manufacturers.

Not just any lady who loses her wallet in a restroom, Wilson is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Georgetown University and is also getting a fly-in degree at Harvard Business School. Kind of a financial repo-man, Wilson has run a company that gets unpaid court-awarded judgements that haven’t finally paid. If she can extract cash like that, for sure she can deliver you a phone case. She also runs FundHer, which seeks to raise $1 million (in one dollar donations) to fund women’s businesses.

You can donate to her project or pre-buy a Life-Case for $40 now on Indiegogo.

This post originally appeared on Vitamin W
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