Entrepreneurs who understand TechSpeak and the process, can see the red flags earlier and therefore catch mistakes earlier, which will save them a ton of lost development time and ultimately save a ton of money.

By Nelly Yusupova (CTO, Webgrrls)

When I speak to entrepreneurs, I often feel like a “tech doctor” listening to horror stories about their tech people and tech projects getting out of control. I have spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs in my workshops and seminars at conferences across the country.

The most asked questions that I get are:

  • Why is my tech project costing so much?
  • How can I find the right tech person?
  • How has this project fallen so far behind?
  • What in the world is my tech person saying?
  • I get promised one thing but delivered another!
  • I hope I am not getting ripped off!

I am the CTO of Webgrrls and the Founder of DigitalWoman. For more than a decade, I have built and maintained all the technology at Webgrrls and I have developed tech strategies for many companies to help them grow.

With technology being such an important part of running a successful business today, I am very passionate about empowering non-tech entrepreneurs with the necessary tech knowledge to make them more confident about starting and running their companies.

My solution to this ever growing problem is to teach non-techy everything that I know and do on a daily basis as a CTO….

  • My process for hiring and managing my team
  • How I manage products that we are building for the Webgrrls online
    community and the tools that I use.
  • How we pick the right technology solutions for what we’re building?
  • How we determine what features to develop?
  • ..and much more.

Are tech people to blame for projects getting out of control?

My first reaction was YES, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, more often than not, it is a lack of familiarity with the tech process and the problem is very often with the non-techy entrepreneur not understanding it.

Non-technical entrepreneurs don’t:

  1. Communicate their ideas clearly to tech people.
  2. Manage the project so they can keep track whether their project is going according to plan.
  3. Understand how to build the right technology team.

Assuming there is not a lack of integrity, if entrepreneurs are more familiar with the tech process, they can ensure that their project run smoother, they won’t waste valuable time, and they won’t get ripped off. Entrepreneurs who understand TechSpeak and the process, can see the red flags earlier and therefore catch mistakes earlier, which will save them a ton of lost development time and ultimately save a ton of money.

To help, I have created a 2-day intensive workshop for entrepreneurs.

I have put together 10 TechSpeak how-to workshops to teach you what you need to know to get your business on the technology fast track.

Day 1 is all about developing your product!

Create, test, and refine the functionality of your project BEFORE a line of code is written!

You will learn how to:

Day 2 is all about building your product on time an on budget!

You’ll learn how to

  • Price and budget your minimum viable product… all of the questions that you will need to ask and get answers to, to control costs, ensure quality, and ensure timely delivery of your project.
  • Determine the best technology solutions for executing your project so you can bring your ideas to market as fast as possible.
  • Build your technology infrastructure to ensure that you can scale as your business grows
  • Manage your project using agile project management techniques so you can take control of your projects and ensure your projects execute on time and on budget.
  • How to hire great developers that fit into your company culture and if you decided to outsource your work how to ensure that you don’t lose your money.
  • Protect yourself and your intellectual property to ensure that you are not taken for a ride.
  • Track what your users are doing on your site so you can refine and improve the product.

If you’re a non-techy entrepreneur, I hope you will join us for a hands-on, practical and tactical, experiential, and most of all, fun experience of learning the TechSpeak so you can become a more capable and confident entrepreneur. I guarantee that your tech projects will run smoother than ever!

We are happy to partner with Women 2.0 and offer a 15% discount to the Women 2.0 community to attend the event – just use coupon code “WOM2” when you register here for TechSpeak.

Hurry and get your ticket as early-bird discount end July 30, 2012.

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Photo credit: Brian Auer on Flickr.

About the guest blogger: Nelly Yusupova is the CTO of Webgrrls, Chapter Leader of NYC Webgrrls and Founder of DigitalWoman. Nelly is a technical strategist, an Internet, social media, and marketing expert and consultant. Nelly works with entrepreneurs and teaches them how to use and leverage technology in their business. She is a speaker and presenter for organizations and events including NY Entrepreneurs Business Network, Small Business Summit and BlogHer. Follow her on Twitter at @digitalwoman.