During the 2012 SUMMER of CODE, BlackGirlsCODE plans to reach more than 300 students by holding one and two-day workshops and summer camps in seven or more cities in 90 days (San Fransisco, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Support BlackGirlsCODE!

By Abby Bobé (Dual MBA & Computer Science Candidate, Mills College)

School may be out for summer but that doesn’t put a halt to the BlackGirlsCODE mission to educate young girls of color across the nation in computer programming.

To close the digital divide and change the face of tech, founder Kimberly Bryant of BlackGirlsCODE will travel 7 cities in 90 days to teach over 300 young girls how to build their very own video game, build a webpage, program robots and other fun and creative activities.

I was fortunate enough to join the team of 30 volunteers during BGC’s largest summer workshop yet in Oakland, California as we assisted almost 80 young girls that came out on a Saturday morning to learn to “Build a Webpage in a Day”. I cannot begin to describe the energy that filled all four computer labs as our future computer divas dived right in on building their own webpage, learning the basics on HTML and CSS, becoming familiarized with web-making tools such as Hackasaurus and Thimble and watching the web come alive.

Summer of CODE is just beginning. The non-profit is currently fundraising to invest in a mobile computer lab so they can really get deep into the cities and reach the kids who need it the most. Learn more about this project here.

Why the emphasis on girls?

“Educate a man and you educate one person; educate a woman and you educate an entire nation” – African Proverb

Since 2011, BlackGirlsCODE has been committed to providing girls from underrepresented communities access to technology and the 21st century skills necessary to become the tech leaders and creators of tomorrow.

Be a part of the movement

BlackGirlsCODE has been amazingly impactful in our local community, cities across the US, and countries abroad. With your donation and support of BlackGirlsCODE and our Summer of CODE, we can introduce even more girls to the possibilities in the world of tech.

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About the guest blogger: Abby Bobé is a dual MBA and Computer Science candidate at Mills College. She is passionate about technology, everything marketing and economic development. She recently traveled to South India to implement a computer technology program for a small rural village, volunteers at BlackGirlsCODE and is a Hispanics In Philanthropy Fellow focusing on education and tech issues affecting low-income Latino and black communities. She blogs. Follow her on Twitter at @AbbyBobe.