By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless)
I’ve been working with Women in Wireless for two very eye-opening and inspiring months.

At networking events, whenever I introduce myself to men, I brace myself for the usual joke, “well I’m not a women in wireless, but I am a male in mobile!”

Why do women need a group like Women in Wireless and men don’t? In this New York Times article on Sheryl Sandberg, the answer may lie in women’s relationships:

“Soon after Sandberg joined Facebook, in March of 2008, Lori Goler, a Harvard Business School graduate who had worked at eBay, called. The two knew and thought well of each other. Goler asked what problems she could solve; Sandberg hired her as the head of recruiting.

Within five months, Sandberg asked Goler to oversee human resources at Facebook. Goler wavered, saying that she didn’t think she was qualified. “No man would ever turn down more responsibility,” Sandberg admonished her. Goler then said yes.”

What women really need is a little Sheryl Sandberg in their lives. Someone to give a little nudge, some reassurance, or even a smack of reality that they can climb the corporate ladder as fast as men do.

Women tend to second-guess themselves about their qualifications or lack the courage to bang down the door for new opportunities and promotions in order to get ahead. They need additional support in order to let themselves shine; and when you break it down, what women really need in order to succeed is just a little pep-talk.

Women in Wireless is working on some really exciting programs launching in the fall. One of which is developing our mentoring program where we will connect the Sheryl Sandbergs of the world with emerging female leaders.

We’re all done complaining about not being at the top, we’ve identified what is holding us back — so now we’re doing something proactive to change it.

If you would like to be mentored or if you or someone you know would like to mentor send me an email:

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About the guest blogger: Melissa Fudor is currently Program Manager and Blogger for Women in Wireless in New York City. After a year teaching English in Prague, Melissa assisted with the 9Health Fair as an Event Coordinator in Colorado, and also worked with the Communications team at the Greenbelt Foundation in Toronto. She holds a BA in History from York University in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter at @melissafudor.