CEO Marina Kolesnik runs travel booking site

By Beatrice Jeschek (Contributor, DLDwomen)

It looks like Matryoshka dolls are getting some real-life female competitors symbolizing Russia, at least in the e-commerce sector. One of these new faces belongs to Marina Kolesnik, the CEO and co-founder of travel booking site

Kolesnik is among the “Top Ten Most Interesting Russian Internet Entrepreneurs to Watch” identified by blogger and Internet Entrepreneur Yakov Sadchikov for The Moscow Times. Six out of ten are women: Alisa Chumachenko, founder and CEO, Game Insight; Yulia Mitrovich, Entrepreneur in Residence, Svyaznoy Group; Elena Masolova, co-founder and CEO, Pixonic; Anna Znamenskaya, founder, Workingmama; Olga Steidl, CEO, Talkbits.

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