Seidman said she never felt any hesitation from her co-founder or investors, but that she believes it may be an issue for some female founders, and that it’s important to have a conversation around the issue as women begin to found more and more companies.

By Jordan Crook (Writer, TechCrunch)

Yapp has been around for a little over two months, offering consumers an easy way to create and publish mobile apps based around events. But the vision is much bigger than some conference or your weekly book club — eventually Yapp will allow any consumer to make almost any kind of app to broadcast as they please. It’s founder Maria Seidman’s big bet on trends.

She dropped by the studio to tell us about where she sees app creation (rather than consumption) going in the next few years, and being 36 weeks pregnant, she also filled us in on what it’s like to found a company while a baby grows inside of her.

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