After four weeks of pair programming full-time together, we are inseparable and finishing each others’ sentences.

By Annie Chang & Louise Fox (Students, Hackbright Academy)

We shared our passion for dogs and technology by building a website for dogwalkers, inspired by our obsession with our dogs and ensuring proper care while we are away coding. Our site is called “DogLog” and users can log their dogwalks, dogs, and ‘logs’. Obviously, we love crappy puns.

The web app is written in Python, and uses Flask. The Android app was made using PhoneGap. It utilizes Google Maps API and Twilio to send a SMS alert of the walk to the dog owner.

The web app displays past walks and detailed information like distance, dog interactions and dog health. The biggest challenge we faced was learning how to develop a mobile app for the Android platform.

It has been an incredible journey working together.

Louise’s background as a mechanical engineer has her at ease with debugging, hacking and problem solving. Annie‘s background in management and psychology has her focused on usability, organization and being methodically detail-oriented.

We’ve learned from each other and taught each other to work smarter and harder.

We’re so excited to demo our DogLog app at the Hackbright Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner on Wednesday night in San Francisco!

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About the guest blogger: Annie Chang is a student at Hackbright Academy, a 10-week intensive software training program for women in San Francisco. Prior to Hackbright Academy, she ran operations at Best Chuck, a machine tool distributor in West Oakland. Prior to that, she served as Project Manger at several startups. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior. When she’s not working, she’s walking her dog or crafting. Follow her on Twitter at @anniemalchang.

About the guest blogger: Louise Fox is a student at Hackbright Academy. She is an avid builder, making anything from Arduino music machines to wooden chairs. Her lover for new tech has led her to hacker spaces and co-working/building spaces, where she spends her free time. Louise specializes in idea generation, creative solutions, first-off prototypes and algorithm-based design work. She holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from CSU Chico, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Follow her on Twitter at @kaboomfox.