Recruit the whole person, not just the geek.

By John Rossheim (Monster Senior Contributing Writer, STL Today)

“Motivated people want to know that their role is crafted for their skill set and growth and personality,” says Julia Hu, CEO of Lark, a 2-year-old company in Mountain View, Calif., which markets a wearable silent alarm clock that links to an iPhone.

Burgeoning talent, especially the 20-something crowd, is doing more than cruising job descriptions to scope out career possibilities. They’re looking for opportunities wherever they hang out.

“The first time I heard of the company was when I watched a video of Julia [Hu] on Women 2.0,” says Belinda Chiang, a marketing analyst hired by Lark in April 2012. “The next time was when Lark showed up at a startup-oriented career fair” set up by a Stanford University student group.

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