Learn how to code an iPhone app even if you have no Objective-C or iOS experience! The one-day class on Saturday, March 26, 2011 is designed for people who have never coded. Learn to develop an iPhone app in 6 hours. Class will be held in Mountain View, CA.
Women 2.0 members save $10 with discount code “women20” when you register here.

Before class, you should upgrade to Mac OSX 10.6.6. (Snow Leopard) for free and register for a Apple Developer Account, also available free here.

Also, please download and install iOS 4.3 SDK (this free program requires 5 GB for download and 11 GB for installation).

iOS Introduction Part I

What’s new on iOS4

  • Xcode, Interface Builder & Simulator
  • Icon and Launch Image Requirements
  • .PLIST & Orientation Requirements
  • Xcode Templates for iPhone & iPad
  • MVC model & Frameworks
  • Objective-C & Debugging
  • iOS Introduction Part II
  • Header & Implementation Files
  • Variable Instances, Properties, Methods
  • IBOutlets & IBActions
  • Adding & Importing Framework
  • Memory Management
  • Image, Animation, Audio

Hour 1

  • Exercise: Create Hello World using Interface Builder
  • Exercise: Create Hello World using Xcode
  • Icon and Launch Image Requirements
  • Key & Value in .PLIST
  • Exercise: Create submission-ready iPhone app
  • Exercise: Create submission-ready iPad app

Hour 2

  • Object Library in Interface Builder
  • Attribute Inspector & Size Inspector in Interface Builder
  • Exercise: Create Full Screen Landscape app
  • Assigning Types, States & Sizes to UIButton in Interface Builder
  • Exercise: Adding & resizing images
  • Architecture of iPhone & iPad templates
  • MVC model & Frameworks
  • Objective-C & Debugging

Hour 3

  • Header and Implementation Files
  • Variable Instances, Properties, Methods
  • IBOutlet & IBAction
  • Connection Inspector in Interface Builder
  • Animation options
  • Customize UILabel
  • Exercise: Adding Animations

Hour 4

  • Adding & Importing Framework
  • Play system audio
  • Trigger vibration
  • Exercise: Adding audio
  • Target Xcode project to your existing SDK
  • Exercise: Create your holiday iPhone app

About the guest blogger: Bess Ho is Mobile Architect and Instructor. She has helped and advised many early stage startups on iPhone, iPad, Cross-Platform mobile/web apps. She has received awards and honorable mentions from iPhone & iPad Dev Camps. She has guest-lectured at Stanford, spoke at mobile sessions at Web20 Expo SF, Where20, Mobile Play, Silicon Valley Code Camp. Bess is a contributing author on new book release “Sams Teach Yourself Twitter API in 24 Hours”. Follow her on Twitter at @bess.