The angel training program will take place in Silicon Valley over the following dates: October 25-26, November 1, November 15 and November 29.
By Amy Gips (Founding Managing Partner, Astia Angel)

As Women 2.0 reported last week, Astia recently announced the launch of a fund and angel investor network in early 2013.

Astia Angel, an angel investor network that invests in women-led, high-growth ventures, welcomes both female and male angel investors of all levels of experience. For those who are new to angel investing or would like to touch up on their angel investing skills, Astia Angel is offering a training program this Fall and is currently seeking applicants.

Why the Astia Angel program? Three reasons:
#1 – Learn how to invest from the experts.

The Astia Angel training program is developed and taught by members of the Astia community of 3,000 experts, including venture capitalists, executives and industry leaders. Confirmed panelists include representatives from Andreessen Horowitz, Asset Management Company and Band of Angels.

Form relationships with entrepreneurs. The angel training program is integrated with the Astia global entrepreneur program enabling angels and entrepreneurs to interact and form relationships.

#2 – Receive an angel advisor.

Angels who complete the training program receive an experienced angel advisor to provide guidance during the first few months as an angel investor.

#3 – Put your skills to work and invest.

Angels receive a one-year membership to the Astia Angel investor network as part of the training program. They have the opportunity to invest alongside experienced and talented angel investors, including super angels, C-suite executives and serial entrepreneurs.

Participate in Astia Angel for Angel Investor Training This Fall.

The Astia angel training program will take place in Silicon Valley over the following dates: October 25 (evening), October 26 (full day), November 1 (evening), November 15 (evening) and November 29 (evening).

Each participant must qualify as an accredited investor.

Please contact me at if you are interested in learning more or applying to the angel training program or angel investor network.

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About the guest blogger: Amy Gips is the Founding Managing Partner of Astia Angel, a global network of female and male angel investors that invests in women-led, high growth ventures. She is also the Director of Investments at Astia and aids in the investment activity of all Astia companies. As an experienced investor, Amy has invested in debt and equity in companies at various stages across multiple industries. She is an angel investor with Investors’ Circle and a Fellow with Criterion Ventures.