Will your CalTrain be full of drunk people? Yep. Now live – IsThereAGiantsGameToday.com
By Laura Forrest (Marketing Manager, Mozilla)

After Instagram was acquired by Facebook this week, I realized it was time to go full hilt; to unleash my coding genius once again upon the world and make something that would make the world a better place.

Single serving sites have always been a fascination of mine. You know – the ones that only do one thing really well in the best cases with a twist of humor involved?

Take Mat Honan‘s clever “Barack Obama is your new bicycle” and “Should I be worried about swine flu?”

Or the myriad of Mozilla related sites like “Are we fast/mobile/pretty/slim/small/first yet?

Simple does one thing well.

That’s why when I took a “Intro to HTML” class here at Mozilla.

I was inspired to use my new-found skills to better mankind, one small problem at a time. To solve the sort of pint-sized problems that can plague thousands, if not millions of people. To answer such profound questions that can make or break someones day… Questions like: Will my CalTrain car be full of drunk people? Will I be able to find parking in SOMA tonight? Will I be able to get into 21st Amendment or [your favorite SOMA restaurant here]? And more.

That’s why I teamed up with the amazing William Reynolds to create a new website: “Is there a Giants game today?”. A San Francisco Giants schedule for the rest of us.

And we’re launching today. Check it out! Bookmark it. Fork it. Save it to your phone’s homescreen. Share it with your friends! Moreover use it to make your life a little easier those 9 months out of the year when baseball season is “Game On!”.

Update: Here’s William’s technical overview of “Is There A Giants Game Today?.

This post was originally posted at Laura Forrest’s blog.

About the guest blogger: Laura Forrest is a Marketing Manager at Mozilla. She is an Internet professional based in San Francisco, CA. Laura specializes in on-site optimization, inbound/outbound marketing, site analytics, e-commerce, product marketing management, marketing communications and project management. She’s worked at startups, e-commerce companies, and large open-source projects. In her spare time, Laura surfs, travels, attends hackathons and builds apps. Follow her on Twitter at @lforrest.