By Jay Gould (Founder, FoundVille)
In this interview, Suzanne Xie, Co-Founder of Lollihop, a subscription business that curates healthy snacks for subscribers, discusses what motivates her as a founder, the ah-ha moment for Lollihop, as well as her previous startup Weardrobe, which she sold to, which was then sold to Google.

At nine minutes into the video, Suzanne also tells us how luck and networking played a pivotal role in the eventual sale of her last startup, Weardrobe.

Although she claims it’s luck, you’ll see that her relentless persistence has played as much a role in her success as her luck!

Suzanne also tells us about a close call where she put over $20k on her credit card for her previous startup. There’s quite a few good stories in this interview!