By Audrey Ghozael Ragonnaud (Founder, Women Tomorrow)
WoTo brings you to Silicon Valley to meet the people behind the dynamic Women 2.0. As you know, one of WoTo’s goals is to provide you with the best tips and ideas so that you feel better prepared to face challenges related to the gender gap in the workplace.

If you are an entrepreneur, or interested in becoming one, you probably already know that there will be lots of ups and downs on your path. In fact, you can read our previous post on this topic. But let’s stay positive!
For every obstacle, there are solutions! Among them there is the female professional network!

The WoTo team took part in the last Founder Friday of 2011.

Let’s hear Julia explain the concept behind her business, from the idea to the launch:

Here are her tips for you and for women interested in creating their own businesses:

(Apologies for the sound quality, but networking events do involve lots of loud talking :-)).

Here are our thoughts on the event:

  • Networking — It’s all about being open, dynamic and enthusiastic! These are the three words that we’ll remember. All the women attending the event come with an idea, a newly launched project or business. Throughout all the presentations and conversations, there is a very positive and constructive state of mind, an interest in the projects of others, a willingness to help and lots of encouragement. What a great feeling!
  • Presentations by business founders — At this particular event, three business founders took the stage to present their startup and share their experience and collaboration with Women 2.0:
    • Jenn Deering Davis, Co-Founder of Appozite, a company dedicated to building social applications for businesses.
    • Tracy Lee, Founder of Dishcrawl, a social dining experience through 4 restaurants in 1 night, to discover new food and meet new people.
    • Julia Hu, founder of Lark, the first silent « un-alarm » clock with a sleep sensor and tracker.

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