SCAMP is specially curated for people who are looking for inspiration outside their bubble.

By Alessandra Lariu (Co-Founder, SheSays)

Isn’t it great to witness germs of ideas before they become big? To see the next iPad, the next Pinterest, the next Google venture?

SCAMP 2012 is a conference about ideas still in progress, prototypes, experiments and innovation. Curated by SheSays, this half-day event will enlighten you with a bunch of themes and products that will be famous one day. From edible cups to smart hacking you’ll see it at SCAMP first.

The event will happen in New York in June 15 at the Art Director’s Club. The format has each hour is dedicated to an innovation category: entrepreneurship, product, community and creative.

The speaker line up includes representatives from big companies like Google all the way to smaller ones like The Way We See the World. For speaker info, please visit the NY Speaker Board on Pinterest.

SCAMP is specially curated for people who are looking for inspiration outside their bubble, this includes thinkers, creatives, innovators, cross-platform specialists, publishers, artists, curators, strategists, creative technologists, UX evangelists and entrepreneurs.

So if you’re a lady or gentleman doing a startup, or a freelance creative, in advertising or any other creative industries, this conference is for you.

To book tickets please visit:

And to keep with the conference theme of doing things first, SCAMP is first conference on Pinterest.

SCAMP is a creation of SheSays – an award-winning global organization for women creatives. This is why the speaker list is 80% women, 20% men. Without burning bras, SheSays wants to celebrate amazing women out there who are creating interesting businesses and leading a different way of thinking about the world and its people, products and services.

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About the guest blogger: Alessandra Lariu is the Co-Founder of SheSays and the CEO of Shout. SheSays is a 5 year old an award-winning global network organization focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in digital marketing and advertising. Alessandra has been kicking ass for as long as she can remember. Most recently, she was SVP Group Creative Director at McCann. In 2010, she was picked by Fast Company magazine as number 29 out of the 100 most creative people in business.