By Kelly Coupe (Program Manager, Intelligent Systems Laboratory)
Those of you starting new companies are executing upon insightful ideas, unique to solving a problem you’ve identified in the world. But what if you’ve found that it leaves a little something desired in order to take it to the next level? Something truly unique that will set your company apart?

Whether it’s building a completely new concept, or finding that you need to implement a never been done before novel technology, you may find that you need additional support to execute. For example, let’s say you have a great idea for an online site that understands urbanite’s tastes and recommends only the most fitting restaurants based on its (constantly learning) knowledge of your individual choices. You may have a nontechnical background, or you may need a partner who can bring your idea to execution. So how do you find that contact with such a level of expertise?

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is witnessing such requests regarding its areas of expertise, and having similar conversations with today’s entrepreneurs. We aim to partner with successful companies whose technologies are widely adopted.

We find particular interest in the recent report that Fortune 500 companies with the strongest history for promoting women to senior positions have 69% higher returns than their industry median. Of course, one of the reasons for success in today’s technology driven economy is due to the value of diversity – in opinions, backgrounds, and perspectives. Sharing these ideas amongst the team members is a key aspect of PARC’s long standing success and reputation.

To continue the discussion, PARC is hosting two forums in November that address relevant entrepreneurial topics:

These events are open to the public. And, of course, should you have a need to move your company to the next level, technologically, feel free to contact us.

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Kelly CoupeAbout the guest blogger: Kelly Coupe is Program Manager for the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at PARC. Having managed programs for firms ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to technology startups, she’s won top international awards for her work. Kelly holds a Master’s degree from Northwestern University, a hybrid degree combining the executive management discipline from the Kellogg School of Management with engineering principles from the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.