By Jazmin Hupp (Director of Awesome, Tekserve)
Most new entrepreneurs have the same questions. Unfortunately some women are afraid to ask them or don’t know which questions they should ask before launching their venture.

Women 2.0 is compiling a new book with advice from the startup community — maybe you?

We’re looking for female investors, founders, and CEOs that would be willing to answer just one entrepreneur’s question on starting her first high-growth venture.

If there is someone whose advice you trust (or would like to volunteer yourself) please email contact information to

Topics we’re looking for expertise on:

  • Validating my Idea
  • Prototyping
  • Pitching my Idea
  • Acquiring Customers
  • Building Your Founding Team
  • Hiring & Salaries
  • Outsourcing How & Why
  • Legal & Financial Hurdles
  • Raising Money
  • Running Your Company
  • Selling Your Company

This post was originally posted at Jazmin Hupp’s blog.

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About the guest blogger: Jazmin Hupp is the Director of Awesome at Tekserve, the independent Apple computer store in NYC. She volunteers for Women 2.0 in San Francisco and Founder Labs in New York City. Jazmin holds a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems. Her passions include travel, learning languages, writing, and yoga. Follow her on Twitter at @jazminhupp.