By Colleen Leahey (Reporter, CNN)
Chelsea Handler, comedian and television personality, is a known quantity. But allow us to introduce you to Chelsea Handler, businesswoman.

In 2009, Handler co-founded Borderline Amazing Productions with Tom Brunelle, the head writer of Handler’s late-night show. The company has produced four shows.

Celebrities with production companies are as common as starlets with fluffy, teacup-sized dogs. Handler, whose brand is undeniably the foundation of Borderline Amazing, is not only the face — but also the strategic brain — behind the company.

“For the first 3 years, I was in every morning meeting,” she tells Fortune. “I never missed anything because you want to get that flow going, you want everyone to know at what level you expect things to be turned in. When you’re putting your product out there with your own name on it, you want it to be very Chelsea-specific. You really have to be involved in every aspect, in every edit.”

Always looking forward, Handler is leading Borderline Amazing as the company renegotiates her deal with Comcast, molding it into a multiplatform contract.

“I’m developing a show; a more serious, mindful program. I have an opportunity to bring my viewers to the next level; as I’m growing up, I want to take everyone with me.” She also has her own publishing imprint, Borderline Amazing/A Chelsea Handler Book.

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