By Eric Markowitz (Contributing Writer, Inc.)
Is your startup starting to feel like a frat house? New research suggests that having more women at your company, and increasing diversity in general, can improve your chances of success.

“I thought I saw a growing disparity between the growth in the number of venture-backable women, and the actual dollars that were going into companies that had women on the founding team,” Cindy Padnos says. “And I was confused by that.”

To address her hypothesis, Padnos, along with two MBA researchers from Carnegie Mellon, released one of the most comprehensive research reports to date on the state of women in venture-backed startups, titled High Performance Entrepreneurs: Women in High-Tech.

Among its many findings, the report, released in February 2010, concluded:

Women-led high-tech startups generate higher revenues per dollar of invested capital and have lower failure rates than those led by men. Data clearly shows that high-tech venture-backed companies founded by women do as well as those led by men despite often being capital-constrained. Portfolios that lack this diversity are likely to suffer over time.

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Photo credit: Clinton Steeds