By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)
Jessica Scorpio, one of the co-founders of Getaround is missing from the list of Getaround co-founders on Business Insider’s “20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch”. Getaround lets you rent cars from each other. Follow her on Twitter at @jessicascorpio.

StyleSeat co-founder Melody McCloskey made the list as well. She says StyleSeat’s market is a $40 billion beauty/booking niche where most small businesses depend on word-of-mouth referrals. StyleSeat gives beauty professionals tools to manage, build and grow their businesses. Follow her on Twitter at @Melodymcc.

Kiwi Crate delivers hands-on activities to kids, and is co-founded by former general manager of eBay fashion Sandra Oh Lin. Follow her on Twitter at @sandraohlin.

Janette Crawford co-founded Storenvy, allowing anyone to set up a free e-commerce site. Storenvy was bootstrapped for a year, then raised a $1.5M seed round. Meanwhile, Janette keeps a ethical fashion blog Fashion Loves People. Follow her on Twitter at @Janette.

Former software engineer Leah Busque is the founder of TaskRabbit, the service that makes anyone your minion. Send someone to pick up your coffee or unpack a moving van for whatever amount you’re willing to pay. TaskRabbit raised $5M Series A in May 2011. Follow her on Twitter at labusque.

And last but not least, Dekko founder and product designer Silka Miesnieks was left off Business Insider’s list of founders for hot Silicon Valley startups. Dekko is building a platform combining technology from several domains including the military, computer vision, research labs, gaming and mobile services to change the way you look at the world. Follow her on Twitter at @silkamiesnieks.

Thanks to everyone who helped us find the female founders of tech startups that didn’t get their name in lights as they deserve as the founder or co-founder of a Business Insider -recognized hot startup.