This year at SXSW, Women 2.0 took part in hosting three events – and met a lot of women entrepreneurs!

By Lauren Jisoo Kim (Events Coordinator, Women 2.0)

Women 2.0 hosted a panel called, “The Design Revolution” featuring female founders from around the globe followed by Founder Friday Austin, both on March 9 at the Startup America LIVE in partnership with our friends at the Kauffman Foundation and Startup America. Women 2.0 also hosted a Women in Tech Meetup with mentoring from investors, co-hosted by Intel Capital on March 11 at the Tech Zulu Lounge.

The awesome women we met along the way were female founders (5 out of 13), chief officers (6 out of 13), and general rockstars of disruption. They came from as far as Iceland, Barcelona, and the United Arab Emirates. Read about who they are and what they’re up to below. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you’re up to if you came to one of our events.

Candace Mitchell (Co-Founder & CEO, Techturized)

We met Candace at our Founder Friday – Austin, SXSWi edition. She is one of the Co-Founders of Techturized, a hair technology company that creates innovative solutions for women. Techturized has just announced MadameYou, a place for you to share hair experiences and receive personal recommendations based on your hair type and lifestyle. Follow her startup on Twitter at @techturized.

Tindley Gilbert (Founder, diggity)

Tindley came to our Women in Tech Meetup to participate in an intimate roundtable mentorship session with mentors from Intel Capital. She came all the way from Dubai! Tindley is the Founder of diggity, a personalized search bar for your digital life. It allows you to search your social networks. Follow her startup on Twitter at @diggityapp.

Rakel Sölvadóttir (CEO, Skema Education)

We ran into Rakel at our Women in Tech Meetup as well. She had heard of Women 2.0 all the way in Iceland! Her company Skema Education developed a methodology based on research in psychology, education and technology to teach young people from the age of six to program. Their mission is to enable them to become creators of technology rather than consumers. Follow her startup on Twitter at @skemaeducation.

Prerna Gupta (Chief Product Officer, Smule)

Prerna has been a long-time friend of Women 2.0’s so we were happy to run into her at the Founder’s Fund Party. Smule’s mission is to connect the world through music. Smule’s award-winning applications include Magic Piano™, I Am™ T-Pain, and Ocarina. Follow her startup on Twitter at @smule.

Aye Moah (Chief of Product, Baydin)

Aye Moah was one of the panelists on Women 2.0’s Design Revolution Panel at Startup America Live. She is the Chief of Product at Baydin, a company that helps its customers focus on email that matters, when it matters. Follow her startup on Twitter at @baydin.

Katherine Hague (Co-Founder & CEO, ShopLocket)

Katherine came to our Women in Tech Meetup. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of ShopLocket, an e-commerce platform with a mission of decentralizing online sales. Follow her startup on Twitter at @shoplocket.

Emily Slade (Community Outreach, popexpert)

We danced with Emily at the Ra Ra Riot show at the Founder’s Fund party. Popexpert inspires and enables lifelong learning by connecting people with experts that help them get better at life, work, and play. Follow her startup on Twitter at @popexpert.

Pascale Diane (Program Lead, Orange Fab)

We met Pascale at our Women in Tech Meetup. Pascale is the Program Lead at Orange Fab, a three-month accelerator program that supports US-based startups with an existing product which changes the way people connect and communicate. Follow her startup on Twitter at @orangefab.

Sarah Allen (CEO, Blazing Cloud; CTO, Mightyverse)

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah through Women 2.0 CEO & Co-Founder, Shaherose Charania. Sarah is a general bad ass rockstar who can cut a rug on the dance floor! She is a serial innovator with a history of developing leading-edge products, such as After Effects, Shockwave, Flash video, and OpenLaszlo. She is currently the CEO for Blazing Cloud and CTO for Mightyverse. Follow her startups on Twitter at @Mightyverse and @blazingcloud.

Shruti Challa (Founder, Pinchd)

Shruti wrote this awesome post on commonly believed myths re: entrepreneurship for us not too long ago. She also spoke at our Founder Friday – Austin, SXSWi edition, so it was a pleasure to catch up with her. Shruti is a founder at Pinchd. She started Pinchd, then joined Campfire Labs where she headed up marketing / biz dev. Campfire Lab was acquired by Groupon in 2011. She left Groupon a few months ago to explore what to start next! Follow her on Twitter at @shrutichalla.

Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan (Director of Marketing and Book Publicity, Coliloquy)

Kaamna hangs out in the Hatchery (co-working space) with Women 2.0. She’s a dance machine, laugh riot, and mother of two, with a keen nose for the closest dance-friendly party in the vicinity. Currently, she is the Director of Marketing and Book Publicity at Coliloquy, a next-generation digital publisher, leveraging advances in technology to enable groundbreaking new types of books, new revenue models, and new forms of author-reader engagement. Follow Coliloquy on Twitter at @coliloquy.

Hetal Pandya (Co-Founder, Easilydo)

Hetal spoke at not only one, but two Women 2.0 events at SXSWi – the Design Revolution panel and Founder Friday – Austin (not to mention the Women 2.0 Conference in SF last month). Needless to say, we love working and hanging out with her. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Hetal is also a mom with far less experience. She co-founded Easilydo as she has always had a passion for mobile products that enabled people to simplify their lives. Follow her startup on Twitter at @easilydo.

Christine Herron (Director, Intel Capital)

Christine co-hosted the Women in Tech Meetup with us at SXSWi. She brought in not only some great mentors for some informal round table discussions, but also her adorable little mini-me in tow. Christine is also a Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur. She is currently a Director with Intel Capital. Christine’s portfolio at ICAP includes 500 Friends, Ark, betaworks, Funders Club, Jelli, Hangtime, LikeIt, NewAer and Yummly. Follow her on Twitter at @christine.

About the guest blogger: Lauren Jisoo Kim is an Events Coordinator at Women 2.0. She holds a BA in Development Studies with concentrations in East Asia and Anthropology from UC Berkeley. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and women’s issues. In her spare time, she attends hackathons. Follow her on Twitter at @LaurenJisoo.

Women 2.0 readers: Did you meet a Women 2.0 team member at SXSW 2013? Let us know in the comments – say hi!