By Audrey Roy (Co-Founder, Cartwheel Web)
After a hugely successful Beginner’s Python Workshop in May, the PyLadies were inspired to keep the momentum going for those excited about learning Python and becoming a part of the local dev community.

Last week, the PyLadies hosted a social gathering of lady Python developers in glamorous downtown LA. Next Saturday, the PyLadies will hold the first of several hackathons to take place all through the summer.

For the June 18th hackathon, attendees can continue to go through the tutorials from the workshop, but are also encouraged to bring their own ideas to work on, or to collaborate with others on open-source projects.

The event will conclude with more of the ever-popular PyLadies lightning talks – and, of course, a social hour.

Border Stylo, who most recently released the Retrollect iPhone app, has generously donated the use of their cozy, hacker-friendly office in Hollywood for the June 18th event. The Python Software Foundation is also sponsoring the hackathon, in a show of their enthusiastic support of the PyLadies’ efforts to increase the diversity of the Python community.

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Audrey Roy is co-founder of Cartwheel Web, a Django consulting company in LA. She has worked at Microsoft, Sharpcast, Brown University and MIT. She used Python and JavaScript to create generative digital artwork for San Francisco galleries and art collectors. Her work has been featured in NYTimes and Wired News, and she is especially passionate about Django. Audrey holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Follow her on Twitter at @AudreyR.