“I founded a startup inspired by my professional roots called Archive.ly” – Perri Gorman

By Amy Vernon (Contributor, TheNextWeb)

If there’s one thing the diverse community of tech startups has in common, it’s that their founders have very little in common.

Not that long ago, it was the engineers, coders and developers who were behind many of the most successful startups in Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley and elsewhere. But now, one of the beautiful things about the startup economy is that anyone with a good idea can find the right technically skilled partner and launch. Of course, it’s not as simple as that, but if the idea actually solves a problem, it’s possible.

That’s what brought Perri Gorman, a former executive headhunter, into the world of startups. The love of the idea. Co-founder of the fast-growing Unroll.Me, founder of the stealth startup Archive.ly and founder of the New York chapter of Startup Grind, Gorman recently moved from New York City to the Bay Area.

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