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This year, GigaOM Structure (June 22-23, 2011, San Francisco, CA) will be looking at the next wave of cloud technology and services. Anyone with a vested interest in cloud computing won’t want to miss this chance to hear about its future from the people who are making it happen. View full conference schedule.

What’s next for cloud computing? Find out at GigaOm Structure 2001. GigaOm editors and GigaOm Pro analysts will lead the two-day program. The speaker lineup will feature top executives from leading companies and the most innovative minds building the next-generation of the cloud.

As well as the high level view, the Structure 2011 program will also feature 16 in-depth workshops to help you plan your cloud strategy:

  • Private and Mobile Clouds – A look at the infrastructural requirements needed for implementation.
  • Content-centric Networking – How applications and services can be designed to deliver content for a much lower cost.
  • What the Enterprise Can Learn from Webscale – A guru panel featuring experts who push the boundaries of cloud computing everyday.
  • Cloud Storage Innovation – Will businesses move their primary data into the cloud? Can the cloud handle the potential pitfalls?
  • Cloud Databases – A look at the new database-as-a-service offerings. What are the challenges of managing data in a cloud environment?
  • Data Privacy in the Cloud – Is cloud-based data entitled to Fourth Amendment protection? What will it take to protect the stakeholders?
  • PaaS Potholes Ahead? – What does the PaaS of tomorrow look like and what pitfalls lie ahead for developers building a business on one of these platforms?