Which of our influencers / conference speakers can you learn the most from? Share their quick advice with your network.  

By Jessica Schimm (Digital Audience Engagement Lead, Women 2.0)

Hungry for quick bits of advice and tips from tech industry leaders and experts? Take a pick from our buffet of 90-second videos. In the last two months, these incredible women have shared with us, on video, the tips, guidance, advice, knowledge and expertise they’ve learned through their unique journeys. All of them will be attending the conference, as a speaker, mentor or both – or have attended our conference before. Find someone you want to meet? Connect with them on Twitter before the HowTo Conference (Sept. 30 – Oct. 1). You can get your tickets here.

We’ll be adding a few more videos to the list before the conference – so keep checking back.

Meet these incredible women at our HowTo Conference Sept. 30 – Oct. 1.