Learn to program with Ruby on Rails over the course of 8 Monday nights (April 25 through Monday, June 13, 2011, 7pm – 9pm) in Blazing Cloud’s San Francisco office. If you are an experienced programmer who doesn’t know Ruby or doesn’t know Ruby well, feel free to sign up.
Through test-driven and exploratory development, you will become familiar with ActiveRecord, including associations. You will gain an understanding of the SQL implicitly written through your Ruby code. You will learn about customizing views, view helpers, routes and controller actions and understand the log file. After taking this class there should be nothing magical about scaffold. A book will be provided. There will be homework assignments that include both reading and writing code.

This popular Rails class has been extended to 8 weeks to also include two classes on Ruby. We’ll be using Rails 3 for class, but I will review the differences with Rails 2, so you will be able to work on an older project if needed. Classes are taught by Sarah Allen and Curtis Schofield.

Women 2.0 members save 10% on Ruby on Rails classes with discount code “women2”.

Feel free to email any questions to Bill Devine at bill@blazingcloud.net.