New York Entrepreneur Week is April 16-20, 2012 – walk with us!
By Amilya Antonetti (Small Business Voice, FOX News)

What happens when hundreds of New York business owners, investors, government officials and aspiring entrepreneurs stand up and come together?

New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW), that’s what. It’s the largest inclusive gathering of entrepreneurs in New York. Now in its third year, the weeklong experience, which has expanded onto four continents, will host 50+ speakers to help give business owners the insights, tools and new connections to become more effective leaders and business owners.

NYEW will be held April 16-20, 2012 at The Cunard Building, 25 Broadway in lower Manhattan and at additional venues around the City. I spoke with the indefatigable founder of NYEW, Gary Whitehill, who said, “Entrepreneurs are not the 1% or the 99% – we are passionate job creators, risk takers and innovators. So we’re not just walking for ourselves, we’re walking to remind America that entrepreneurship is the foundation of this country, and what will ultimately bring us together and save our economy. My passion for entrepreneurship is the same that gets every business owner out of bed every morning – it’s making a difference in our communities, in business and for our employees.

But what I’m ever more excited about is this year, NYEW will launch Entrepreneur Walk, the first ever charity walk to celebrate the entrepreneur. It’s all happening on on Wednesday, April 18 at 5pm, which I’m hosting. It’s going to be AMAZING and you won’t want to miss it.

Entrepreneur Walk is designed to unite business owners beyond the boardroom, the storefront, the laptop or the factory floor and take entrepreneurship to the streets – Wall Street, Main Street, Pennsylvania Ave. We need to show them that WE ARE THE AMERICAN DREAM. I’m walking for that dream and for entrepreneurs everywhere. I need you to walk with us and support that Dream. So go ahead and register here – you will have an incredible time.

I truly believe the time has come to show a more accurate picture of entrepreneurship. This Walk will give business owners like you, your employees and all supporters of the American Dream, the chance to be unified and be counted as the real job creators of the US economy.

What I really like is that each participating “walker” will be underwritten by Entrepreneur Week’s lead sponsors, like American Airlines, Bing, Dell, Silicon Valley Bank, Singularity University — so the more walkers we get, the more donations we’ll be able to bring to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. All profits from the walk will be equally distributed between New York Tech Meetup, Enstitute and HackNY – three outstanding NYC organizations that support entrepreneurship.

In case you didn’t know, according to the SBA, small businesses with less than 100 employees represent 99% of all employers and create between 60-80% of new jobs in the US. In New York State, small business payrolls total $120.6 billion or 28% of the state’s total payroll.

To register for NYEW or Entrepreneur Walk, click here.

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About the guest blogger: Amilya Antonetti is the official “Small Business Voice” for FOX News. She is also a serial entrepreneur, CEO of AMA Productions and founder of Soapworks. She has built almost a dozen multi-million-dollar companies and is known for her business turnaround and brand extension skills. Her companies specialize in evaluating and securing IP for inventors, universities, and business owners and strategically creating the right business models to roll out to mass markets.