This morning’s TEDWomen presentations in the nation’s capital featured a range of tech talks that will be available soon in their full video glory. We suggest watching Kiva and Profounder co-founder Jessica Jackley on launching organizations and exploring projects of other notable creators…

  • Cynthia Breazeal, who demonstrated how distant co-working and connectivity can be improved by mobile phone docks with arm-like appendages that help convey emotion. She runs the Personal Robots Lab at the MIT Media Lab and showed interactive “Playtime Computing” spaces that might foster creativity and learning for kids.
  • Breazeal’s mentee Heather Knight (@heatherknight) shared a standup joke-telling robot that gauges audience reactions and reacts accordingly. Her Brooklyn-based company Marilyn Monrobot produces sensor-based art and socially intelligent robot performances.
  • Cyborg anthropologist Amber Case (@caseorganic) studies what she calls “a new form of humans–those that stare and click on screens.” By examining how people take care of their virtual front yards (including Google search results and social net pages), she says we come to find ambient intimacy in which we get used to connecting to anyone at any time we want. She started Geoloqui, a secure platform for location sharing, out of the desire to do so safely.