The i/o startup accelerator is a 3 month program that helps you launch your product and build a company. We invest 25k into your company to get you up and running. We invite you work side by side with us in San Francisco for an intense 3 months where you will learn from the best. We roll up our sleeves as well as put on weekly events to inform you about what it takes to build a great company.
The next program starts March 15 — submission deadline of Feb 21. To apply simply go to and fill out the form with as much detail as you can. We’ll get back to you near the start date as to if you made it or not.

To find out more, please go to

The i/o ventures founding team includes the founders of Myspace, Bittorrent, Lefora & Hotornot. We also have a group of mentors that pop by that include the founders of Youtube, Yelp, Digg, Mint, PayPal etc. The last 6 companies that went through our program had awesome results with 2 acquisitions and 4 funding rounds.

Here are some articles & videos about i/o ventures on TechCrunch (and here) and on the Wall Street Journal.