Any women-led mobile startups out there? Apply for the Mobile Premier Award in Female Entrepreneurship by
December 31, 2009 here:
JANUARY 10, 2010!***

The Mobile Premier Awards recognize the year’s best in Mobile Startup Innovation and are the largest open, global startup competition in the mobile industry. The awards are the point of reference in startup premiers during the Mobile World Congress on February 15, 2010 in Barcelona.

This year’s Mobile Premier Awards bring together the most influential networks in the industry to recognize the best mobile startups of the year in the following categories:

  • MPA in Innovation for the best overall startup innovation in partnership with MobileMonday.
  • MPA in Marketing for the best startup in Mobile Marketing.
  • MPA in Entertainment for the best startup in Mobile Entertainment in partnership with the Mobile Entertainment Forum.
  • MPA in User Experience for the best startup in Mobile User Experience in partnership with MEX.
  • MPA in Social Change for the best startup using mobile for social change in partnership with MobileActive.
  • MPA in Female Entrepreneurship for the best woman-lead mobile startup in partnership with Women 2.0 (that’s us!) and the Women in Mobile Data Association.

There have already been more than 175 submissions for the Mobile Premier Awards. Participation is free and open to any startup with a mobile angle. To sign up, simply create a company profile on and select the awards they want to compete in. Apply by December 31, 2009 January 10, 2010 here.

Photo by Anne Helmond of Mobile Dev Camp where some nice mobile widgets were created and some good talks were had on everything from iPhone App Store Rejections to Android Q&A to Mobile Widget Development. (source: Mobile Dev Camp Amsterdam)

The case for mobile: “I would advise learning mobile development. I believe the biggest growth in new dev jobs will be ones that require or are looking for mobile skills. In any case, it make you look like a hot developer. Make a Palm app and put it on the store — your front end skills will come in handy with the WebOS, but it will be considered more “hard core” just cuz it is mobile. Or try out one of the new cross-platform platforms like PhoneGap (Javascript) or Rhodes (Ruby). Or write a BlackBerry or Android native app (both are Java). And blog about every thing you learn and open source your projects on github. If you work on coding a few nights a week (or even just once per week) and blog and twitter as often about what you code, a year from now you will be a hard core developer.” — Sarah Allen (