Use the Internet to view Android/Java code samples.
By Veda Rogers (Android App Developer, Guess Consulting)

Where would Android application development be if there was “No Internet”?

Access to the Internet is what makes it easier to create apps that can run on Android devices. If there was “No Internet”, it would be more difficult and more expensive to develop Android apps.

I have multiple books on Android that are not needed because I can access all examples needed by performing an “Android code” search on the Internet. I can view YouTube videos from Google I/O to understand what the code should look like for the version of Android that I am writing the Android app for.

The Internet is a reference tool for a lot of computer languages (Android, Java, Node.js, etc). Unless one has a photographic memory it not possible to understand all the commands needed to create apps that have animation or buttons that change colors when clicked. Because of this, the Internet becomes a reference tool.

If there was “No Internet”, you would not be able to find out about the many Android events that may be happening in your neighborhood. By using Meetup or Eventbrite, one can find out what type of Android events are happening in their area – like a hackathon, product demonstration or Android conference.

So if you are interested in creating Android apps that can run on many Android devices (TV, mobile phone, tablet computer) and do not know how to get started, use the Internet to view Android/Java code samples, use the Internet to find an Android meeting or conference near you, use the Internet to find videos about Android, and remember – all this can be done for free.

The next time you use your favorite Android app on your mobile phone or tablet computer, think about how the programmer/developer may have used the Internet to develop that app for you, all for free.

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About the guest blogger: Veda Rogers has worked for Fortune 500 companies and startups as a programmer, product manager and business analyst. She has developed apps for multiple platforms (mobile phone, tablet computer and TV). Veda currently has four apps on Google Play. Every since she wrote her first program and saw the screen display the words “Hello”, she has been passionate about technology and programming. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Telecommunications.