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  1. by Jessica Stillman

    Who Needs a Y Chromosome? New Documentary Encourages Girls to Get Into Tech

    A new short documentary fighting back against the decline in the number of young women considering studying computer science premieres tonight at Stanford. 

    By Ayna Agarwal &  Ellora Israni (Co-Directors, she++ Women in Technology Conference)

    Between 2000 and 2009, there was a 79% drop in the number of first-year undergraduate women considering computer science, even as the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Angry Birds were making technology ‘cool’ again. And so, we have been told, time and time again, we need more women in technology. But we’re not entirely convinced by the op-eds and panel discussions. The greatest technology companies of our time — Apple, Google, Facebook — have been successfully founded and run by men. And they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

    Our new short documentary she++: The Documentary fights back against this thinking