Achieve your full potential by harnessing these five key principles in your business.

By Tiffine Wang (Co-founder, Entrepreneur Career / Chief Mentor, European Innovation Academy)

Entrepreneurship is about leadership, identifying opportunities, innovating and creating value for the world. It provides cash flow for goods and services and it is essential for economic and workforce development.

Training the next generation of entrepreneurs is not an easy task but I can’t imagine doing anything else. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and found that there are five principles that enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

A Clear Goal and Action

Have you clearly defined what “greatness” means to you yet? If so, you’re on the right path. Pair that up with a plan and action, you’re on your way. In entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of talk, but few will actually move forward and make their first dollar. I’ve heard this time and time again, “I want to build my own startup, I want to build a business.” There are a lot of people throwing the latest key words around but it means absolutely nothing until you’ve acted upon it.

Fail Faster

When I started out in tech, a venture capitalist I was working with told me one thing, “fail faster”. He then handed things over to me and that was it.

I was scared, uncomfortable and frustrated, but I jumped in. That was one of the best lessons learned in life. Even if you completely fall flat on your face, get back up. That’s more than those who are just standing on the sideline. Some will support you some will laugh, but you’re the one who’s in the game.


Of course, failing faster only works if you actually get back up, collect your lessons learned, and jump back in. Persistence requires belief and faith in oneself, along with some financial runway. It’s not going to be an easy win but you have to stay in the game.

A Support Network

A solid network will make a major difference.  Find people who believe in you and care about your success. Attract people who compliment your skills, provide value to them by supporting their success. These friends, advisors and mentors are the ones that won’t let you to quit when things get tough. Take care of those around you, they’re take care of you.

Leave a Legacy

How? Mentor and teach others, pass on what you’ve learned. Achieving greatness is about sharing knowledge and helping others around you get better.

Most of us don’t succeed alone. Most successful people have mentors and advisers that guide them. When you become one, you’re stepping into a new realm and building out your legacy.

What other tips can you share?

tiffAbout the writer: Tiffine co-founded Entrepreneur Career and has worked with several technology and innovation programs including Alchemist Series (Harvard Enterprise Incubator Program)AngelHack and European Innovation Academy where she is currently a Chief Mentor and is working to build their mentoring program.