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The Finance Crisis and Your Startup – Oct 7th

Busy running your startup but wondering how the financial crisis will impact your business? How does the future for startups seeking funding? Is this a good time to launch your dream venture? We will discuss the current financial crisis and its impact on the startup world at the Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto on Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. IFTF will demo the Massively Multiplayer Forecasting Game: Superstruct before the panel event.

Panelists: » Shai Goldman (Director for Venture Exchange, SVB Capital) » Rebecca Lynn (Principal, Morgenthaler Ventures) » Prasanna Krishnan (Associate, Draper Fisher Jurvetson) » Betty Kayton (CFO, high tech startups & early stage firms) » Greg Schmid (Director, Managing Uncertainty Group)


Moderator: » Jill E. Fishbein (Partner, Carr & Ferrell LLP)

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From left: Jill Fishbein (Partner, Carr & Ferrell), Prasanna Krishnan (Associate, Draper Fisher Jurvetson), Shai Goldman (Director for Venture Exchange, SVB Capital), Rebecca Lynn (Principal, Morgenthaler Ventures), and Betty Kayton (CFO, high tech startups & early stage firms).

The event was blogged at Wall Street Journal as "VCs Ask Start-Ups: What’s Your Worst-Case Scenario?". Blogger Gwen Bell turned her live Tweets from the event into a blog post titled "Economy Got You Poppin’ Pills?: VC Advice for Your Startup (+ 5 Strategies for Thriving!)".Gwen Bell also live-Tweeted the event.

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