Our first Women 2.0 mixer kicked off to a great start with an evening of wine, cheese, conversation, and of course, plenty of influential and aspirational women from across the Bay Area! On Thursday, a group of around 30 entrepreneurs, techies, and professionals gathered in a cozy home in Palo Alto to mingle and meet other like-minded peers.

These bimonthly mixers are intended to catalyze connections and provide resources for your own ongoing projects. We know how hard it is to be young professional working your tail off in the Valley, and to still be expected to be energized to work on through the nights on your own stealth-mode projects and other priorities. Some women that I met that evening are actively involved in non-profits, knitting circles, education, and cultural organizations.

We had an abundance of wine, artisan cheese and sparkling juices for the non-alcoholics! Ideas are meant to be shared, and we hope that more and more women will start attending these regular meetups to exchange their thoughts on technology, entrepreneurship, and business. There will always be traditional networking events, yet Women 2.0 is striving to do something different and more engaging — to meet other women who are intelligent, motivated, and dedicated. I emerged from the evening refreshed and inspired to continue working hard so that the next time I meet an affiliate from Women 2.0, I can share with her my progress, and hear her achievements as well.

Wondering how to get a hold of someone you met at one of our events but lost their card? We are proud to announce our new Profile Card feature in the Members section! Before or after going to a Women 2.0 event, you can read up people beforehand and see what they do, because it’s rarely just one thing. For example, I may work at a startup by day, and by night, I am a contributor to several blogs and also volunteer for the NAACP.

You deserve a break from your hectic life so take a second to write up your own Profile Card. Thanks to everyone who attended our event! We hope you enjoyed our schwag from Smalltown, Renkoo, and TheMintPages.