Women 2.0 partners with Trep Life to present stories from dynamic female founders. This episode features Talia Mashiach, founder of Eved, an event commerce solution for meeting planners that’s on its way to becoming a billion dollar company.

Trep Life’s newest episode follows the story of Chicago tech entrepreneur, Talia Mashiach. An entrepreneur to the core, the wife (and former manager) of a jazz musician, and mother to five children, Talia is a woman who lives and breathes the Trep Life. 

This unstoppable entrepreneur is on her third company. Currently, she’s CEO and founder of a multi-million dollar tech company, Eved, which provides a comprehensive event commerce solution for meetings and event planners. Founded in 2010, Talia and her team have built a proprietary software for a $660 billion industry. 

Her passion and keen networking skills helped to secure valuable relationships with Fortune 500 clients, including Dell, Eved’s first major customer and a connection that helped Eved grow significantly in a short period of time.

“Dell really partnered with us to let us come in and understand what they’re problems were. We wound up with a product that is solving a problem not just for Dell, but solving a problem for all these other customers. Without Dell we wouldn’t be where we are today.”–Talia Mashiach.

Like the beautiful custom home she built for her family — complete with a basketball court and an entire floor for her mother — Talia is now on her way to building a billion dollar event tech company.

“I took the talents that I’ve been given, and I maximized them. I pushed myself to grow.”–Talia Mashiach.

Watch Talia’s inspiring story of Grind.Hustle.Payoff on Trep Life and Women 2.0!

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