Finally, stock photos that represent the diversity of technology.

By Christina Morillo & Stephanie Morillo (Co-founders, #WOCinTech Chat)

This post originally appeared on Medium.

Earlier this month, we published a blog post where we discussed the problem of not having visible representations of women of color engaging in technical tasks in stock images.

We’re excited to announce that the first batch of #WOCinTech photos are available under a Creative Commons (Attribution) license. This means that you may copy, distribute, and display the images as long as you attribute #WOCinTech Chat. Otherwise, you are free to use them as you wish.

Our ask? That you use these photos to show a different representation of all women in tech. That you use these images in pieces about entrepreneurs, software engineers, infosec professionals, IT analysts, marketers, and other people who make up the tech ecosystem. Just as white women have been the default “woman” in technology and American society as a whole, we believe the underlying belief of what it means to be — and who can be — a tech worker in the 21st century can benefit from this form of “disruption.”

Thank you to the amazing individuals that participated in the photo shoot in September, to the NYC startup that hosted us, and to our photographer and fellow techie Mike Ngo.

If you have any inquiries about the photo shoot or if you would like your company to host our next photo shoot, send us an email: hello(at)wocintechchat(dot)com. You can also follow us on Twitter @wocintechchat.

#WOCinTech Chat2

Photo via Flickr via #WOCinTech Chat.

#WOCinTech Chat3

Photo via Flickr via #WOCinTech Chat.

#WOCinTech Chat4

Photo via Flickr via #WOCinTech Chat.

About the guest bloggers: Christina Morillo and Stephanie Morillo are the co-founder of #WOCinTech Chat. #WOCinTech chat started as a Twitter chat in June 2015 to provide women of color and non-binary people of color a safe space to connect and discuss issues in the tech industry that are important to them. Since then, they have expanded into a grassroots initiative that aims to connect women of color and non-binary people of color to career and skills-building opportunities in tech.